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Jonde Raho Bhootji (Punjabi)
Lakhkha, motivated solely by wealth, pursues Pooja for her riches. Upon discovering she's haunted, he ventures into the haveli to prove the ghost's non-existence but instead encounters it. [more]

Chal Bhajj Chaliye (Punjabi)
Chal Bhajj Chaliye Feuding families, Inder Chahal torn between love and duty. Rubina Dilaik adds romance. Alisha joins the drama. Comedy and drama blend for full entertainment. [more]

Fer Mamlaa Gadbad Hai (Punjabi)
Jassi, an aspiring actor, resorts to immoral ways in order to impress the love of his life and fulfil his dreams. He, however, finds himself in a fix when he ends up breaking Geet's marriage. [more]

Parahuna 2 (Punjabi)
Binder's fiance, Harjot, abruptly cuts ties after relocating to the UK, prompting Binder to follow suit. His journey leads him to encounters with Zoe, Catherine, and Preet. Only time will tell who is Binder's woman of dreams. [more]

Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri (Punjabi)
On a trip, he convinces his friend to leave his wife. Jallaludin then falls for Rani and marries her, only to find she may be supernatural. Will he face his prejudices or fall prey to them? [more]

Blackia 2 (Punjabi)
A young man from a village rises through the ranks of the underworld. [more]

Vekhi ja chhedi na (Punjabi)
Armaan was married to Nikki ,he could see her only but couldn't get close to her.The reason is his elder brother Karma .Now in Nikki InLaw's Nikki is wife of Karma and in front of her parent's she is wife of Armaan. Will they be caught [more]

Je Paisa Bolda Hunda (Punjabi)
Revolves around Ghinda and Rani who have received a lot of money and are struggling to return it to its rightful owner, due to their honesty. [more]

Oye Bhole Oye (Punjabi)
Bhola's quest for work in the city leads him to Aveera, a rich woman drawn to his simple life. But their romance faces trouble when Bhola must save his village. [more]

Drame Aale (Punjabi)
A theatre troupe from Punjab visit London to put on a show, where their host falls in love with an actor's family member. [more]

Jee Ve Sohneya Jee (Punjabi)
Intricate cross-border love arises between a deliveryman chasing travel dreams and a solo-adventuring student. Lies along their fated journey force difficult consequences. Unpredictable turns reveal an emotional story of enduring love. [more]

Khadari (Punjabi)
While training for an upcoming wrestling tournament, the brother of a well-known gangster falls in love with the sister of a respected policeman. [more]

Warning 2 (Punjabi)
After missing Pamma's assassination, Geja imprisoned with target. Cop transfers prisoners, including Geja and Pamma, to remote jail, heightening tensions. [more]

Lambran Da Laana (Punjabi)
A family tries to rid itself of a curse that haunts their village. [more]

Parinda Paar Geyaa (Punjabi)
Can Jassi, a village boy with musical dreams and a torn heart, overcome the challenges he faces in his love life and career to achieve his goal of becoming a rockstar and winning the girl of his dreams? [more]