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Weekly Horoscope

Sun Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Sandeep Bhargava : 5/26/2023 - 6/1/2023

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Sandeep Bhargava

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): This week brings you comfort andrelaxation on the monetary front. There will be some monetary gains andyou'll use this extra funds for domestic matters. You need to remaincommitted and perform efficiently at work. Your strategic strength willbe challenged in negotiating a high value deal with your customers. Youmight get depressed due to inconsiderate attitude of someone with whomyou are deeply attached. In health front, there's nothing you need toworry.Lucky Day: Wednesday Lucky color: Pink

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): You will feel secured with your position atwork however, don't be complacent and try to remain motivated to performefficiently. Sale of an idle lying asset will give enough cause to cheerup. You'll be able to save money satisfactorily at this time. Aroundmidweek, you will remain concerned about some issues in meaningfulrelationship. About relationships in general, you will desire to have arelationship that will inspires you to move to a higher level.Lucky Day: Saturday Lucky color: White

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): Money matters don't seem to be troubling youthis week. Since you are financially sound, you may feel likeexperimenting with new strategies to boost your earnings. Routineactivities will be smooth. Businesspersons need to plan carefully beforecommencing any action. Keep plan B ready and make provisions forcontingencies. Singles may receive and accept a marriage proposal from awell to do family. Married couples may seek the support of each other toenjoy the pleasures of marital life. Slow digestion may trouble you hereso pay attention to your digestive system and diet. Other than that noserious health issue will bother you.Lucky Day: Monday Lucky color: Red

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): Utmost care must be taken to prevent youfrom common cough and cold this week. Take due preventive measures tocontrol the issue. Your mind will be filled with new ideas and thoughtsto boost earnings. Occupation related activities will be busier.Financial front will remain in a comfortable position. Don't forget tomake sound investments and savings for the future of your family.Singles will be concerned about developing a serious long lastingrelationship with the person of opposite sex. You are going to receivesupport and advice from ones in close relation over some importantmatter of your life.Lucky Day: Thursday Lucky color: Violet

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Monetary affairs need careful attention anda cautious approach this week. Avoid taking any risk for monetary gains.Expenses on family and household provisions will increase. However,positivity will surround you if you find your previous investmentsbringing good gains to you. You will be busy at work but you will beblessed with enough energy to work tirelessly for extended hours. Inmatters of the heart, singles will fail at the very first instance toestablish a prospective relationship. In relationships, you are advisedto resolve differences gracefully. No major health issues are predictedthis period. Exercise regularly and follow a strict diet.Lucky Day: Sunday Lucky color: Orange

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Some good opportunity will make youfortunate. As you gain immensely, your personal habitual expenses alsoincrease. Don't go overboard and focus on saving money for your futureneeds. Benevolent Jupiter will support you through all your businessendeavors. Both progressive and cohesive forces will work effectively.Making you venture into new avenues. Time to resolve your heath relatedproblems. One being troubled for long by some health issue will likelyto start getting respite by applying alternative medicineLucky Day: Monday Lucky color: Yellow

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): It's time to take your business tonew horizons. This time is right also if you're planning for expansions.Businessmen and entrepreneurs may benefit substantially by their newstrategy. Planetary transits uphold progressive forces and greatopportunities so make full use of this. Some encouraging monetary gainswill strengthen your financial position. So enjoy the phase and refrainfrom handling money matters impulsively. Some unexpected health issuemay catch up with you so take care.Lucky Day: Saturday Lucky color: Violet

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): You will be busy with domesticmatters at the start of the week. You will get a good opportunity toshowcase your inherent ability to handle a complex and time-consumingtask. Do your best and get your position elevated. You might hear from ahigh worth customer keen to finalize a deal. You will have more optionsto work upon for gaining monetary benefits. While opportunities fill upyour bank account, you are advised to keep a checklist on your spendingversus earning. Cultivate the ability to handle your money efficiently.You will enjoy good general health.Lucky Day: Saturday Lucky color: Blue

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Let your work speak for you.Refrain from sounding argumentative, it will not help you solve issues.Businessperson in foreign trade and professional handling overseasprojects will be benefitted on striking a great deal. You willaccelerate your pace for monetary gains. However, do not venture intosomething totally new now. Health is wealth so don't avoid payingattention to your health. Those who diabetes need to need to remaincareful about their blood sugar level. Take due preventive measures tokeep the issue under control.Lucky Day: Sunday Lucky color: White

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Businesspersons in foreign tradeand professionals handling offshore projects need to be careful whiledealing with new party abroad. Manage your money matters efficiently andfocus on saving for the future. Single will get the company of alike-minded person of opposite sex. Marital life will be hunky dory.Refrain from being secretive as this kind of attitude may hurt yourloved ones and sour your relationship. Don't take your health forgranted especially if you're having some issues related to yourrespiratory system.Lucky Day: Sunday Lucky color: Yellow

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): This week, you need to be a littlecautious about your health. Acidity may trouble you here. There is alsopossibility to get injured unexpectedly so be carefully. You will feelcomfortable with your position at work as the growth prospects will bebright. Businesspersons will negotiate smartly with their high worthcustomers. You will have enough energy and power to work hard for longhours. This time is favorable to make monetary gains. Set yourpriorities first and spend your money accordingly.Lucky Day: Saturday Lucky color: White

PISCES (Febraury 19 to March 20): Your relationship front requires youto put your foot down and not be overwhelmed by fantasies. Make sure notto overdo your act. Keep on accepting constructive suggestions. Businessprospects will remain encouraging. At work, you will be entrusted withan outstation task to work on. Remain focused to avoid any errors. Donot make haste in money matters this week. Make it a point to takeimportant decisions related to finance after due deliberation.Lucky Day: Tuesday Lucky color: Pink

Profile of Sandeep Bhargava:
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava is a man of pure intellect and spirituality is an exemplary character in the field of astrology. He was only 14, when he started practicing astrology and now he has over 22000 followers all over the world. A true devotee of the goddess named 'Kamakhya', he believes that his powers and immense knowledge in astronomy is god gifted and with that, he intends to bring happiness into people's life. From successful TV shows in India to invigorating radio shows in UAE his achievements are countless. He has also featured in several magazines throughout the globe.

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