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Meditate and Reap the Benefits!

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Contributed by : Dr. Sejal Shah
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Read more and find out, how mediation can help you to live a free and happy life. written by Monisha.
Meditation is an effective way of stress reduction. It is a natural process, which has a positive and powerful effect. When we meditate, we are allowing your body's own ability to heal itself. It is said that the deeper the meditation, the deeper would be the healing.
Nowadays, more and more people are turning towards meditation and are experiencing the benefits of meditation; as it helps them deal with stress and speed of our modern society. Meditation relives us from harmful effects of day-to-day stress, also energizes, revitalize and leaves us feeling refreshed. It helps connect with inner selves and deal with challenges in much better way. All of us have the ability to meditate and reap the benefits, as it is inbuilt in us and is a natural process.
Who should meditate?
Almost everyone is able to meditate successfully. Athletes, students and successful businessman regularly employ meditation methods to attain success. Studies have found a direct correlation between concentration exercises (meditation) and the performance level of athletes. Many health care professionals and Doctors recommend meditation as a part of treatment of stress related illnesses.
Why Meditate?
If you want to be free of constant worry, pressure and stress the benefits of meditation can give you a life that is calm, peaceful, happy and relaxed.
How does Mediation help?
Meditation strengthens the mind; it helps to have control over thoughts and is able to guide the physical body to effectively execute all the projects and tasks. Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional and mental state. As these countless values have been known and practiced for thousands of years.
What happens when you meditate regularly?
Meditation when practiced regularly will lead you to a deeper level of relaxation keeping you free of constant worry, pressure and stress.
Modern lifestyle leads to high exposure of negative emotions such as hate, anger, anxiety and guilt. Meditation helps us to overcome these emotions and aids to have calm- peaceful relax , happy mind and healthy body
One of the most important benefits of meditation is the way it releases stress from our bodies. You can start with 10 minutes of meditation per day and experience the result...Relief from stress.
It has been found that, if you practice Mediation regularly your ability to concentrate increases, you will learn to focus and achieve great results in a short duration, productivity and efficiency will also enhance, it will keep you away from anxiety and unnecessary worries about trifles and help you remain calm.
One of the greatest benefits of meditation is learning to go with the flow and things that used to irritate you before simply become insignificant.
Meditation is a simple way in to help you produce measurable changes in your life.
Mediation is a natural way to reduce anxiety
Increases self confidence
Helps you focus
Increase productivity
Enhances creativity
Your attitude becomes more positive
Improves relationships
Helps you overcome all of life's challenges
And over all, relaxes you.
Benefits to Body
Regular practice of meditation is known to
Lower the blood pressure and levels of blood lactate
Improves immunity and vitality of body
Controls sleep disorders
Improves overall health
At last but not the least, meditation enhances your spiritual growth. Your conscious evolves and the meditation brings harmony in creation and helps to self realization.
So meditate and reap the benefits as most of us experience stress in many different ways and how much stress we actually hold on to, determines the fact we need to something about it.
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